I'm Johnna Sabree, 

And I am a hair enthusiast, 


and author.


I am a dedicated hair care professional who is passionate about helping people of color feel beautiful, powerful and confident in their own skin and hair. While leveraging my 23 years' experience behind the chair, I provide creative and dynamic hair care services. I combine my artistic flair, keenness to detail, and intuitive nature to offer personalized services to meet each client's unique needs. I have honed my skills as a hair loss practitioner and hairstylist by keeping abreast of the industry's latest hair developments and working with diverse clients. 

As a third-generation hair stylist, my fascination for beauty and hair was ignited when I was 8 years old. I would lend a hand in my grandmother’s salon while working with my mother, an experience that laid a foundation for my career.

I love empowering people to embrace their individuality and fall in love with their short, long , or textured mane. Your crowning glory deserves the utmost attention, and I give it my all in order to leave you looking and feeling fabulous. I strive to provide a holistic approach to hair care. My Johnna Sabree all-natural hair care range of products is meticulously developed to promote hair growth and influence positive vibes, a unique blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients to give your hair a healthy glow and enhance your mood.

When I am not helping women look their best, I love supporting young people from underprivileged communities to develop their talents and build a legacy. I am a devoted wife and mother, entrepreneur, educator, and author of a book, "More Than Hair," written for creative entrepreneurs.

I am on a mission to empower, educate and inspire budding hair stylists and entrepreneurs and support them in elevating their careers and businesses a notch higher. My goal is to equip entrepreneurs with skills that will help them to thrive in all their future endeavors.

 Are ready to start doing the things you imagine? Are you tired of watching from the sidelines as other people in your field are living the life you dream of?

Understand, you can do something about your future NOW! Or you can continue to live the same wishful life you've been living.


 Stop waiting for people to see your talent, waiting to finally get paid your worth and begin the process of  increasing your income and possibilities!


More Than Hair is a book about making a way out of no way, A story written to inspire and motivate everyone to use their natural gifts to create the life they dream of!

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