Experience is the best teacher

I've already mentioned that my utmost desire is to unveil all the potential that you possess. But the big question is, "how do I intend to achieve that? Quite frankly, it is a very important question.


So let me show you how I can level up your skill set and activate the dormant abilities of those who subscribe to my mentorship, using my 20+ years of valuable business and life experiences.


I train. Straight to the point, right? What do I train people on? Several skills, actually! As you read more on this website, you will discover that I actually have a lot of useful information for cosmetologist and budding creative business owners. 


1. Wig Making 101 

 My online training class on wig-making, "Wig Making 101" is training in the comforts of your own home, at your own pace. In this class I teach custom wig making (using a sewing machine), proper sizing, and bonus material to make your wigs uniquely yours.


2. Creative Boss Fundamentals

This online training will help you brand your business, and get you on track to achieving your longterm business goals.


3.  What They Don't Teach You In hair School. "The Finish"

This online class is for the hairstylist who is looking to enhance their skill set with perfect finishing techniques. I will be teaching tricks of the trade I've learned through out my 20+ years in the hair game.

Tips I've learned working behind the scenes to tried and true techniques that win every time on the salon floor.

In such a competitive world like ours, you need to be distinct to generate long term success in your business endeavors.

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