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My Story

I have over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience as aa cosmetologist in the beauty industry, and I am dedicated to helping aspiring business owners create businesses with staying power. I offer consultation, mentoring and coaching services geared to assists individuals in becoming the best versions of themselves sos that they can began to thrive in there business. In my book, More Than Hair, was published in 2020 and contains some of her best-kept secrets to self-improvement and business ownership. As a certified Hair Loss Practitioner, I combine holistic treatments that help beyond hair issues because overall well being is the goal.


I am consistent in staying updated on today’s best health, wellness and entrepreneurial practices. As such, my continuous goal is to offer services, products, and content to improve the lives of others. I invite you to click here for more information about me and her business services, events, published works, or products.


I'm always looking for new opportunities,Let's connect.

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