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So we decided to visit Chicago on a whim, my birthday had just passed and my husband and I wanted to go somewhere close but out of the ordinary for us. Weekend getaways for us are usually spent nearby in NYC, Atlantic City or the DMV area so I will admit Chi- town wasn't at the top our our list. On T.V the city always looks gloomy and the murder rate is crazy! So as a black person who has experienced enough depression and loss in my own hometown I felt no need to visit a place that seemed dangerous and depressing. After some convincing from family and a few friends I checked out flights and the stars must've aligned because the prices were too good to be true. I did some research on attractions and reached out to my people who live in the city and it was on!


We hopped into a cab and proceeded to the Hilton Hotel, the weather was in the mid 70's but cloudy. I decided that I wouldn't let the clouds put a damper on my mood and within a few minutes the weather no longer mattered because I was wowed by the beauty of the architecture as we drove through the city. The driver was very Nice and gave us a mini on our way to the hotel. The city reminded me of New York only cleaner and less chaotic. At the hotel we were greeted by smiles and given a list of suggested places to visit. We arrived 4 hours before check in and our room wasn't ready so we went to a breakfast at Wildberry. I had the poundcake french toast with strawberries and cream cheese icing, it was delicious but too sweet for me that early in the morning, my husband had corn beef hash which we could tell was made fresh, a major plus and eggs, they gave us so much food we were stuffed!

Within a little over a hour our room was ready, they gave us a suite on the top floor! The Hilton was showing off! So much goodness within 3 hours of arriving... We continued our day by meeting up with a friend and going to SoHo House, a social club for creatives. A membership is required to enter, luckily my girl G has one! Upon arrival there was a cleverly curated art piece that highlighted the black barbershop experience by Adrian Octavius Walker, it made me happy to be a black beautician and creative.

Actual grease in in this Blue Magic Piece

At the rooftop the vibe was everything, people hanging by the pool, good music and decor. I had pizza and a Ginger ale made with fresh ginger, so refreshing and it help my stomach settle. I had just returned from Mexico 4 days earlier so you can guess how I was feeling. My husband had the salmon which was cooked perfectly and our cocktails were delicious. For dinner, we went to Tao, the vibe is very moody, eclectic, and sexy.

Amazing food and quick service, the lo mein was cooked to perfection and the crab rice satisfied my penchant for spicy foods.

day #2: Eat drink and be wowed

We started day 2 off by meeting my cousin for brunch. 1 word : GLAMOUROUS. Grill on 21 was so fab I felt underdressed. This place made me think about my career, like the fact that it’s time to turn it up because I want my next home to look like this!

I had french toast good enough to eat without syrup! Hubby has the steak, eggs and home fries and I had a perfectly cooked veggie omelette, the home fries had the perfect amount of crisp and softness, everything a 10!

We decided to burn some calories by taking a walk to Lake Michigan since it wasn't far from our hotel and we ended up in Navy Pier. A 30 min. educational boat tour while sipping an ice cold corona and ride on the ferris wheel left us tired but we marched on and headed to dinner at 3 Arts Club Cafe at RH Chicago. A 5 story interior design showroom gallery with a cafe on the 2nd floor. If you love interior design you must visit this place and trust me you won't want to leave! The lobster rolls and broccolini was impressive even for my husband who isn't a fan of either on a regular day. From the chandeliers to the plush couches and art pieces, I was in interior heaven and ready to go home and redecorate our house.

We ended our night with views of the city lights and drinks at The Signature Room on the 95th floor. Again, we were greeted with a smile and given some of the best seats in the house!

Likes and dislikes

I can't say many negative things about Chicago other than the weather wasn't ideal for mid July but even that wasn't a big issue because it's so beautiful. If you plan on visiting please know that you may need more than 3 days because there's so much to see and do.

Try to plan out your weekend in advance and fill in the gaps when you arrive. It's always better if you know someone to show you the local gems. As for transportation, cabs were cheaper than ubers and lyfts. If you can, stay down town, everything is in walking distance or a 5 - 10 min. cab ride away.

My Final thoughts

Do Chicago! I have been to many places and I love a quick weekend getaway but the Windy City blew me away! Now I know why Oprah was a resident for so long and why Kanye West said he was moving back.

It's artsy , modern, clean, industrious, timeless and inspiring. I left Chicago ready to step up my efforts in multiple areas of my life. I felt rejuvenated and I appreciated the little reminders of what's out there and what's attainable. We get so caught up in making a living, we forget to make a life and overlook the gems and beauty right in our backyards.

We didn't get to eat the famous popcorn or pizza, and I'm feeling a way because we didn't have time to shop on Michigan Avenue but I'll use those reasons amongst other's to visit again.

If you are in need of inspiration or a quick getaway , visit Chicago. I give it 2 thumbs up!

Feel free leave a comment, and share your Chicago experiences!

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