Mind over Matter

Updated: Jun 1

As we settle into spring it's common to feel a renewed sense of self. I'm looking forward to warm weather and social gatherings every so often but if you are anything like me you can get bogged down by this thing called life at times. I've recently been feeling excited about what I have planned in the coming months but that 1 thing that can throw me into funk has been showing up...Us black folks say "the devil is busy" oh so busy! especially when you are moving in your god given mission.

So I got in my meditation bag and began to listen to the word of God speak to me about the things I was struggling with. I realized that the struggle I was dealing with was a way for me to see where I needed to do the most work. When things are unfolding and tides began to change for the better "WE" must be ready.

The words that spoke to me were were: What is this trying to show you? when things get chaotic for me I would usually say "why" is this happening to me. I've realized that asking myself "why" felt weak. I was tired of feeling weak so when spirit said What is this trying to show you? I got the answer. Cut and dry, clear and concise.

We don't always see it when it's happening but when we need to fix something it will keep showing up in our existence. That problem that won't go away will force you to look at it again and again until it's handled. The "what" made me see what I was doing to attract this situation into my life. I was able to see how I was repeating cycles that kept me in a familiar place even if that place was uncomfortable or stressful.

I've come to the conclusion that we are all unanimously going through changes right now and some of us are ready for that next level of life that looks like self love, peace, and prosperity but parts of the old version of ourself may still be lingering around. That old version of you is fighting to stay relevant because he/she is scared of the unfamiliar, she keeps calling old experiences into your existence because even though its stressful it's what you know all too well and there's comfort in the familiar.

With this new realization I've had, I challenge you to quiet your mind when things get painful, stressful, or hard. Silence your mind, shut down the part of you that is the victim and tap into the level headed part of your mind, wait for Spirit to help you see clearly and ask What is this situation trying to show me? I promise it will help you see yourself and life in a different way.

That wonderful "What" has become my saving grace, it's allowed me to see that through becoming mindful of what's happening around me I am able to see what truly matters!

Much love and blessings

Johnna Sabree

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