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Salon Makeover: Amazon Finds!

Updated: May 15

Hey good people, I know it's been a minute but please understand ya girl has been in beast mode! Most of you know that I've had my hands full as ever working overtime on and in my new salon. In the last few months I've been a party planner, painter, plumber, handy woman, cleaning lady, interior decorator, content creator, graphic designer, grant writer, photographer, stylist, general contractor, manager, receptionist, devoted wife and mother! Talk about exhausted...above all though, I've enjoyed the journey. In the process of doing what I can, which is a hell of a lot and giving the rest to God, I found some chic decor items and D.I.Y must haves on Amazon that has everyone who visits the salon impressed.

So impressed that I made an amazon list for anyone who may want these items for themselves and I'll be adding to it regularly.

I'm thinking I'll make this entire process a series so stay tunned to my instagram because I'll be sharing all the before and after images for the entire salon. For today, we will focus on the bathroom and for the record it was beyond dated, just bad! Totally trapped in the 90's so I definetly had my work cut out for me. I started with a plan to resuse everything I could along with a good ol' gallon of paint. I gave myself a tight budget for decorative elements and I must say I did my thing! As you continue reading you'll see some of the items I absolutely love listed below.

  • Seeing Green: Let's kick things off with the walls which were a pale blue mess. I love dark colors on bathroom walls and being that the bathroom is a decent size I knew I was going dark and bold with the paint. I decided on a beautiful shade of green which you'll notice throughout the salon and I painted that hideous blue sink black. I wanted to mix it up so I added black and white wall paper to create an accent wall that I found on amazon for less than $10 a roll. Yes, you read that right, under $10! It was super easy to install using a wallpaper kit that I also got from amazon and overall the quality was great for the price.

  • All Gold Errthang!: As you can see everything was blue, beige and silver and my mission was to turn this room green, black, and white with a touch of gold. After Much thought and migraines from the paint fumes, I decided to ignore my urge to spray paint the handicap bars gold, I'm determined, not crazy! However, I did find a gold toilet paper holder with a cute ledge, a super chic paper towel holder and a gold bathroom sign, all from you guessed it, Amazon!

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is: Between Home Goods and my own stash of decor items I keep in storage, I made a makeover miracle ok! During my weekly Home Goods run I lucked up and found the perfect mirrior to put over the sink and a storage cabinet that looked like it should have been twice the amount I paid for it. I brought in a vase I had at home, art work and some huge pampas I had in my decor stash and voila'!

  • Pampering Products: I wanted to make sure our clients felt taken care of in every way so I grabbed some toiletries, lotion, deodarant, mints, luxury candles and bathroom sprays. You never know what you may need and as a woman I understand.

So there you have it, how'd I do? let me know in the comments. Now remember, with a little bit of creativity, and a keen eye for deals, you can create a stylish inviting space that everyone will love without breaking the bank. Don't forget to check out my instagram @johnnasabree for the full revamp and tap the underlined links to shop the items used in my makeover.

Johnna Sabree

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