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Sick of this shit!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I don't know who needs to hear this but -IT IS TIME TO STOP CARING ABOUT LIKES AND FOLLOWERS!

I'm over it, it's exhausting... I stopped posting hair content for a few reasons but the main reasons were because 1. I'm no longer interested in allowing my talent to be judged 2. I'd rather focus my energy on providing great service to the clients that appreciate what I have to offer, I also realize the clients who have staying power aren't sitting online all day nor are they jumping from place to place because of what they've seen online. 3. People don't have their own minds, whatever is trending or entertaining is in so one should never take it personal when what you're sharing doesn't meet the status quo. Remember, "you don't worry about fitting in when your'e custom made"-Drake.

God is the one and only individual that I need to like me or seek approval from. In the words of Ms. Badu-" Keep in mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit!" We put our hearts into our work with the intentions of attracting new business only for it to be judged, overlooked, and compared which has caused me to have a love hate relationship with instagram and facebook. I do still truly enjoy TikTok and Pinterest but I think we've been led to believe that if your business isn't popping online that you ain't popping at all!

Pease don't believe the lies that the algorithm is telling y'all. I can say with confidence that I earned 6 figures as a hairstylist and salon owner before the gram. But, I'd be lying if I said I never got caught up in in thinking I needed to post more or keep up with trends. Now I disconnect when I began to get frustrated. That time out allows me to focus on the many other ways to promote my business or services.

Another thing to remember is that the end goal shouldn't just be money, it should be about leaving people better than we find them. It should be about doing what we love because doing a thing for any other reason won't fulfill you. It's almost as if likes and followers have become the equivalent of money and power however, liking yourself and understanding that you are rich in blessings of all kinds is the real bag!

In closing I will say that the social media streets do have some benefits so I'm not completely over it and if it works for you great, by all means milk it for all you can! Just remember that you can still do well in business without it. It can become addictive and it can take time out of our lives that we can't get back.

I will always use it for inspiration or to inspire others, gain information, and entertainment but my best advice is to embrace who embraces you! Nurture your current client base, work your email list and take advantage of the opportunities that exist with your current supporters and trust me new clients will follow.

Lastly don't give up and remain true to yourself!

Until next time... love,

Johnna Sabree

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