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7 Days in Dubai,

Dubai, a city of opulence and grandeur, is a destination that seamlessly blends luxury, beauty, culture, and history. My Husband and I traveled 12 hours from New York via emirates to celebrate 9 years of marriage. Our 7 days in Dubai was filled with awe-inspiring experiences that left a permanent mark on my heart. Join me as I take you through the enchanting world of Dubai, where every moment I was inspired and blown away by the extravagance and elegance.

Luxury at Every Turn: Day 1 Dubai is renowned for its unparalleled luxury, and it never fails to deliver. The city is home to some of the world's most luxurious hotels, where every whim is catered to with impeccable service. We stayed at The first Collection at Jumeirah Village Circle, it was modern and luxurious. We were upgraded to a suite on the top floor with floor to ceiling windows, breathtaking views of the city and the benefit of seeing the sunrise every morning.

Once we settled in we decided to relax for the remainder of the day. We ate lunch at the rooftop pool and bar, then retired to the room. We were jet lagged and really needed to rest and adjust to the 8 hour time difference which was doing a number on us!

Pampering: Day 2

On our second day which was our anniversary we started off strong at the Dubai Mall. Listen! 3 floors of extravagance, every store and brand you can think of! I reveled in the opulence of these establishments, and I thought about my own business back home, I thought about what I could do to enhance my salons appearance and create more of a luxury experience for the clients. I tend to come alive in beautiful places and I realized that I've lowered my standards because I haven't been inspired back home. In Dubai the bar is raised and being around the energy of pure fabulousness lit a fire in me.

We returned to our hotel and prepared for a couples massage at the hotel spa and I was pampered like a queen. What made this day even better was the cost of both massages, what we paid for 2 massages was what we would've paid for 1 in the states. We then got ready for dinner at Pierchic , a romantic Italian restaurant located on a private pier over the water. It was Absolutely beautiful, I can only imagine what it's like at sunset. I had an eggplant parmigiana that was good enough to try and smuggle home in my carry on. There's also no rush at any of the restaurants in Dubai, every place we sat and ate at had great service and made us feel like we could stay all night if we wanted.

Beauty Beyond Imagination: Day 3 Dubai's beauty is truly extraordinary, with its striking architecture, pristine beaches, and vast desert landscapes. The city's skyline is dominated by architecture, such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the twisting Cayan Tower. Most of the popular and iconic landmarks we saw on the water in a jet car. My husband insisted on renting a jet car in the morning and I can't lie, it was fun and felt much safer than a traditional jet ski.

Our day came to a close on a sunset cruise. Another awesome view at the Marina, I can't decide what I loved more, the view of the yachts or architecture. Upon arrival we were given the most delicious green smoothies and we found the best seats at the front of the yacht next to a really nice couple from Germany. I couldn't fit my selfie stick in my clutch bag so we let our boy from Germany take our pictures, they were a mess! But I managed to find a few that were decent. A traditional Turkish dinner was provided for us which we ate while enjoying the sunset and unforgettable veiws as we headed back to the dock.

Culture and History: Day 4 On this day we set out early for a day at the dessert. I was unsure how to dress so I decided to dress like I would for a workout. I noticed that most people who live in Dubai and work outdoors wore long sleeves, so I wore long sleeves as well. Every day had been 100+ degrees and my long sleeves actually helped protect my skin from the sun and surprisingly kept me cool. We were picked up by a driver and drove about 40 minutes to the dessert, when we arrived we were offered to ride a ATV or buggy and we chose the 2 seater buggy. Afterwards we rode back to back in pathfinders doing what's called dune bashing, which felt like a roller coaster ride. We finished with a camel ride which was also like a roller coaster, when the camel stood up my body jerked forward and when it sat down I thought I was going to fly off, you really have to tighten your leg muscles and brace yourself. Afterwards we watched performers do traditional dance performances and fire breathing, followed by a dinner buffet with an array of dishes from all over the middle east.

Dubai has such a rich culture and fascinating history, the traditional markets, or souks are where you go for the best deals so be prepared to bargain. Right away the aroma of spices and oils were overwhelming for me but still an unforgettable experience. The vibrant textiles, jewelry and fashions gave us a glimpse into the city's past and its heritage. As a woman, I embraced the opportunity to immerse myself in Emirati culture by wearing traditional attire , getting a henna tattoo and trying local treats, such as Turkish ice cream, traditional Arabic coffee, and experiencing the gracious hospitality of the locals.

Embracing Diversity: Day 5 Dubai's big city nature is a testament to its openness and acceptance of diverse cultures. The city is a melting pot of nationalities, with people from all over the world calling it home. I felt safe, respected and honestly right at home. Wether it was twerking in my seat at brunch while smoking hookah, or enjoying the views from the the Burj Khalifa, the city's vibrant energy and inclusive atmosphere was a plus.

On day 5, We decided to spend our morning relaxing at the beach, the crystal-clear water and powdery white sand, offered the perfect escape from the bustling city life. Later that day we went to a sunset brunch at Seven Sisters, a sexy modern club/restaurant. It felt like a day party with an upscale dinning experience, afterwards we went for gelato and watched the captivating water and light show set against the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa. It was magical, so you know we had to go inside, we only went to the first landing because we felt it was a bit pricey to ride to the top floor yet it was still a vey impressive view.

But God: Day 6 Our final full day was spent in Abu Dhabi at The Iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. No visit to Dubai is complete without a trip to the majestic Grand Mosque. This beautiful architectural temple of worship is a testament to the city's rich Islamic heritage. Boasting intricate designs, while stunning chandeliers hung over the worlds largest hand tied carpet. Wether you are a history enthusiast or simply seeking a place to reflect on life, this spiritual sanctuary offered us a truly humbling experience. I was looking forward to this day so much that my husband had to stop me from buying different garbs and hair wraps, since being in Dubai I developed a greater understanding for modest attire and I felt so blessed to have the opportunity that I wanted to dress the part and fully embrace the culture.

We retuned to Dubai around 3 pm exhausted, we relaxed at the pool until it was time to prepare for dinner at Asia Asia. This spot was a sexy, modern Asian restaurant located near the Dubai Marina Mall with panoramic views of the water. The food and ambiance was 5 star, I had the chilean sea bass and my husband had beef ribs, soooo good! Asia Asia was the perfect place to spend our last night in Dubai.

Goodbye Dubai: DAY 7

With an 8am flight we barely slept our last night. Leaving Dubai was bitter sweet because I truly enjoyed myself but I missed my babies. I failed to mention that Dubai has the best and most attractive Airport I've ever touched down in, unfortunately our flight home was longer and less comfortable than our flight in. I'm thinking it's because we were functioning on very little sleep and the plane was very crowded.

Final suggestions:

  • Must do's - Dessert Safari, Grand Mosque, Sunset Cruise, Dubai Mall, Water show

  • Best areas to stay - Marina, Business District, Downtown Dubai, The Palm, JVC (staying for a while, less expensive area)

  • Best places to shop - Dubai Mall, Souk (old Dubai)

  • Buy your Garb at the souk for the best prices

  • Don't be afraid to negotiate with local shop owners

  • Take your own pictures or have your tour guide take them, the professional pictures can get pricey

  • For soul, hiphop and R&B brunches Saturday is the day.

  • Cab drivers prefer cash after certain hours.

  • Download WhatsApp to communicate with locals

  • Take a small suitcase for all the stuff you'll buy

  • Take your passport with you when purchasing expensive items to ensure you get your Vat tax refunded.

Shop my must haves from my trip here by clicking each link.

Final Thoughts:

Dubai with its blend of luxury, beauty, culture, and history, offers a truly exceptional experience for everyone. From the opulent hotels to the breathtaking architecture, the city leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of perfection. As an entrepreneur Dubai provided me with a sense of empowerment and motivation, leaving me with unforgettable memories and a desire to return to this extraordinary city soon along with my children.

Johnna Sabree


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