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Fall into October!

" Fashion and Career Goals for a new season" Hey y'all! It's your girl, Johnna Sabree, and I'm here to chat about all things October, fall fashion, and career goals. Let's pull out our maxi sweaters and slay this month with style and ambition. Whether you're rocking the latest fall trends or crushing your professional aspirations, October is the perfect time to embrace your inner power and reassess your goals.

1. Embrace Fall Fashion with Confidence: October is the month where we bid farewell to summer and welcome the cozy embrace of fall. It's time to step up our fashion game and bring our A-game to the style table. From oversized sweaters and vegan leather pants to chunky scarves and statement coats, fall fashion is all about expressing your unique personality. Remember, it's not about following trends but owning them with confidence and flair. Also, make sure you have timeless pieces that you can mix and match with the seasons current trends. It's important to have a capsule wardrobe with quality pieces to ensure you always look pulled together. My go to's are always a tailored black blazer, silk shirts, crisp white button down and camouflage pants, can't forget a good black pump. So, go ahead and rock that bold lipstick or experiment with mixing patterns. Be fierce, fabulous, and unapologetically you.

2. Set Career Goals that Challenge and Inspire You: While fall fashion is fabulous, let's not forget about our career aspirations. Let's use October as an opportunity to set ambitious career goals. Whether it's landing that dream job, starting your own business, or taking on a challenging project, this is your chance to level up and show the world what you're made of. I make it a priority to read books that motivate, educate and inspire me. As an entrepreneur, I've had moments when I had to be my own biggest cheerleader because not everyone will understand your vision. Being mindful of the content you absorb can make a huge impact on your life and career success. Don't be afraid to take risks, embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, and surround yourself with a supportive squad that uplifts you.

3. Embody the right Mindset: One thing I've learned over the years is that you have to be unapologeticly authentic. You can't let society's expectations define you or limit your potential. I use to struggle with wanting to fit in until I realized I was born to stand out, in the same vein, let's always challenge ourselves to be true to who we are, flaws and all. Embrace your quirks, talents, and everything that makes you unique. Remember, success isn't about conforming to someone else's idea of perfection, but about staying true to your vision and pushing boundaries. 4. Find Inspiration in Nature: As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, let's take a cue from nature and allow October to inspire us. Just like the trees shed their old leaves, we can shed our self-doubt and limitations. Use this season as a reminder to let go of negativity and embrace personal growth. Seek solace in the beauty of nature, put on your hoodie and take a long walk in the park, or spend time journaling and meditating to find inner peace and clarity. Let October be a season of renewal and transformation.

Conclusion: So, ladies, as we dive into October, let's conquer this month with style, ambition, and unapologetic authenticity. Embrace fall fashion trends that make you feel like the queen you are, set career goals that challenge and inspire you, and find inspiration in the beauty of nature. Remember, you have the power to create the life you want, and October is the perfect time to make it happen. Stay fierce, stay fabulous, and stay true to yourself. You got this! Johnna Sabree


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