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Boss Women stand up!

Hey beautiful people! I can't believe we are already in November! I still have my decorative pumpkins out lol. My brain is still kinda in October which was Women's Small Business Month! And I've been meaning to shout from the mountain tops about it but ya girl has been busy as heck handling business of course...But still and all let's take a moment to celebrate the fierce, fab, smart and bossed up women entrepreneurs who are making moves, one innovative idea at a time.

Honestly, this is the first year that I've heard of National Women's Small Business month, and with November being National Career Development Month this blog post is right on time.

I know there's some hater saying to themselves, "Why do we need a whole month for women's small businesses?" Or who the hell cares! Well, as a small business owner myself, allow me to speak on our behalf because I'm about to drop some knowledge on you. For starters, women-owned businesses are not only growing at an unprecedented rate, but they're also making a significant impact on the economy. In fact, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners, women-owned businesses generate over $1.9 trillion in revenue annually. Yeah, you read that right - trillion with a "t".

Let's also take a moment to appreciate all the ambitious women out there who are seeking the information and education to advance and break glass ceilings like it's their day job, (which it is, by the way). From the mompreneurs juggling diaper changes and conference calls to the tech-savvy queens who are revolutionizing industries, these women are proof that you can have it all - and then some. But here's the thing: women's small businesses face unique challenges. I remember when I opened my first salon as a young mother, I had no clue what I was doing. I had very little money and support because none of my friends or associates were interested in being business owners at that time. But I had books on business and continued education courses that built my confidence in spite of all the odds stacked against me. As women we're not just dealing with the everyday struggles of running a business - we're tackling the added hurdles that come with being a woman in a male-dominated world. From dealing with outdated stereotypes to fighting for equal opportunities, we are constantly fighting the good fight, and doing it with style. Listen, Just this week I almost had to get to cussing at a few contractors it's super annoying when men see a woman calling the shots and feel they can take you for a joke! They definitely got the right one, cause I play no games. Now, aside from the weight of the world on our sexy shoulders, can we talk about not looking like what we are going through lol women just make everything look like a piece of cake, we are truly Super Women! Just this month I began working on a huge construction project and throughout this process there have been women helping me make things happen at every turn. The women in the permit department who pushed my papers through, the realtor who helped me negotiate my lease terms and my mentor who provided me with the information needed to get started. I'm so thankful for their assistance because no one gets things done like a women can Period! So, think about how you can support a woman owned small business by shopping with one or giving them a good book (my must read list is highlighted) or sharing useful information, such as; a Podcast or a YouTube video that can help them in their business.

You can also start by patronizing a local female owned business and shop like a like you would shop at Nordstrom! (splurge a lil bit) Whether you're in the market for handmade jewelry, desserts, digital products or fashion, seek out those women-owned businesses, and show them some serious love. Even if your'e money is tight, go follow, comment and like their content, let a boss lady know you see her! And hey, if you're a woman entrepreneur yourself, take this month as your cue to show off and shout your accomplishments from the rooftops. Share a bit about your journey and the teachers, books and people who've helped you on your'e journey.

Listen, you deserve to be celebrated. Your blood, sweat, and fabulous ideas have the power to change the world, and we are here for it.

So, before I blink my eyes and it's December, let's toast to Women's Small Businesses and the opportunity to advance our education because when we know more we earn more. Help me celebrate the unstoppable ladies who are shaking up the business world, one sassy step at a time by leaving a comment or liking this post.

Here's to the women who are making their dreams a reality and inspiring us all to reach for the stars. And remember, ladies, we may be small in size, but our impact is anything but. Keep slaying, keep creating, and keep being the goal digging queens you were born to be. The world is our runway, and I can't wait to see what my fellow femalepreneurs and I conquer next. Johnna Sabree


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